This article is for FDN members that are new to the network and would like some more details on how everything works.

First off, welcome! If you ever have any questions or feel like you could use some help, you can reach us at We want to help you be successful, so please don't hesitate to email us.

If you are feeling a bit nervous or unsure about becoming an independent contractor, that's totally normal. Don't worry! We are here to help you.

How do I find work?

Facet has a sales and marketing team that is always out finding new work opportunities for FDN members. Our sales team meets with each potential customer to ensure they will be a reliable payer, that they are comfortable with the range of rates Facet contractors charge and that the work is appropriately challenging.

If the customer passes our screening process, we help them create a job posting and send it out to the network via email. We also keep an updated list of our active job openings in case you miss an email.

If you find a job that you are interested in, you can reply to the job posting email or send an email at any time to We will arrange a phone call with you to tell you more about the job and answer any questions you have. If you decide that you would like to more forward, we will arrange an introductory phone call with your potential client. In your first call with the client, you can ask any questions you have about the job and you will be asked to describe your skills and experience that are relevant to the job. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to the client.

The next steps are determined by the client. Some clients will make a decision after the first phone call. Other clients will want to do a round of interviews. However, we do not allow Facet clients to administer coding test or take home coding assignments.

Once the client is sold on you and excited to have you working for them, we will negotiate your hourly rate with the client. In most cases, the client accepts the hourly rate set by the contractor. In some cases, the client will want to negotiate the hourly rate. We will act as a middle-man for the negotiation process and help you ensure you are getting a fair market rate. Facet charges clients a fixed 20% service fee on your hourly rate for the service we provide, so we are incentivized to maximize your hourly rate. 

In summary, the process works like this

  1. Find a job you want
  2. Notify Facet support that you are interested in a particular job
  3. Have a call with someone at Facet to learn more
  4. Meet with client to determine if this job is a good fit and to sell your skills
  5. Additional client interviews
  6. Agree on rate
  7. Client signs contract with Facet to hire you
  8. You sign contract with Facet to work for client

What is my relationship to Facet? to the Client?

When you work through Facet, you are an independent contractor (sometimes referred to as 1099). Think of yourself as a company that provides contract software development, design or QA services to clients. You don't have to actually set up a company to do work for Facet, but their might be some tax benefits if you do.

The government limits the type of relationship a company like Facet can have with it's independent contractors. For example, we cannot provide benefits like health insurance or a 401(k).

As an independent contractor you will need to set aside money for income taxes, carry your own health insurance and cover the normal expenses of running your business. On the plus side, expenses like your laptop, headphones and even part of your mortgage count as tax deductions. 

You should treat the client, not Facet, as your customer. The type of relationship you have with your client will vary depending on the job, but always remember that your job is to serve the customer. In some cases you will be integrated into the engineering team as a senior individual contributor, in other cases you might be assigned a variety of projects. The client is technically responsible for directing your work, but you should always be proactive to make sure you busy and working on what the client wants you to work on.

How much does Facet pay?

This is the wrong question. The right question is: "How much do I want to charge for my services?" Generally, clients don't have a set rate they are looking to pay. They will pay market rate for the skills they want to hire. When Facet vets a potential client, we give them a wide range of rates and ensure they are comfortable paying in that range before posting jobs in the network.

In the interviewing process, your job is to sell your skills and experience as best you can so that they client will happily pay your rate.

Typically we are seeing rates between $100/hr and $180/hr for most members of the Facet Developer Network, however there are specialists with rates above $180/hr. 

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